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    上海昕翊服飾輔料有限公司是一家集生產批發,銷售為一體的輔料公司。主要經營:施華洛世奇燙鉆 、捷克燙鉆、中東燙鉆、韓國進口銅燙片、韓國進口燙鉆、八角片、平燙片、半圓燙片、珍珠燙片、樹脂燙片、韓國合資環保燙鉆、臺灣亞克力、施華洛世奇各款式玻璃手縫鉆、繡花燙標等時尚服飾輔料。.    

          我公司在上海自設加工廠,專業設計,加工定做各類燙鉆燙圖。公司擁有一批專業的設計,銷售團隊及先進的機器設備,而且價格在市場上極有竟爭力,已在國內得到眾多名牌服裝廠商認可,同時出口遠銷歐洲、美洲、東南亞、日本、南美洲、中東等國家和地區。 在這充滿機遇與挑戰的時代,我們將不懈努力應付挑戰贏取機遇。公司本著價格實惠、誠信經營、質量保證、供貨準時、合作第一的服務宗旨、服務每一位新老客戶。                                                     

          Shanghai xin yi apparel accessories Co., LTD. Is a collection of production, sales for the integration of the wholesale materials company. Main business: swarovski ironed ablazely, Czech ironed ablazely, Middle East, South Korea imported ironed ablazely copper iron tablets, Korea imported ironed ablazely, octagon, flat iron tablets, semicircle iron tablets, pearl hot, hot slice, Korean joint resin ironed ablazely, Taiwan belongs to environmental protection, and the style of swarovski crystal glass hand sewing button, fashionable dress, etc. .

          I companies in Shanghai, random processing all kinds of professional design, processing customized ironed ablazely figure hot. The company has a professional design and sales team and advanced equipment, and the price is very competitive in the market in China, has obtained many famous brand clothing manufacturers, also exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia, Japan, South America, Middle East and other countries and regions. In this era of full of opportunities and challenges, we will be unremitting efforts to win the opportunity with challenges. Adhering to the price, the good faith management, quality assurance, delivery on time and cooperation of service, service first every old and new customers.
          Warmly welcome businessmen from all walks of life friend came to visit, negotiate the business

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